The most important meal of the day


Breakfast time



Village Big Breakfast - $13.00 ** Most Popular **
Two perfectly cooked eggs, two savoury sausages and two crispy bacon strips. Complete your plate with succulent ham, golden home fries, and a side of flavourful baked beans. Toasted to perfection, a slice of bread awaits, alongside a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee

Traditional - $9.50
Two eggs with your option of ham,bacon or sausage, home fries, and a Fresh Cup of Coffee

​​​​​​​Vegetarian Omelet - $9.00
Enjoy our Vegetarian Omelet, filled with fresh vegetables and served with a side of golden home fries, a slice of toast, and a warm cup of coffee

Pancakes - $9.00
Enjoy three fluffy pancakes served with rich Ontario maple syrup and a side of fresh fruit

French Toast - $9.00
Indulge in a stack of four toasts, accompanied by decadent Ontario maple syrup and a side of fresh fruit

Breakfast Sandwich - $7.75
Try our Breakfast Sandwich, featuring your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage, along with egg and cheese, all nestled in a soft Brioche bun

Western Sandwich - $8.00
Delight in our Western Sandwich, crafted with two eggs, ham, onions, and peppers

BLT Sandwich - $8.00
Indulge in our classic Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich ** Add home fries, baked beans, and a hot cup of coffee, all for just $3.00 **

Everything Bagel - $3.95!
Enjoy an Everything Bagel generously spread with herb & garlic cream cheese.

Toast & Jam
Start your day with our Toast & Jam selection:
White or whole wheat -  $3.95
Rye: $4.50


Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate - $1.95

All prices are subject to change. Please know we are dedicated to keeping our prices affordable for the community. Our goal will always be to serve good quality food in large quantities at affordable prices.